Thursday, January 31, 2008

Factory #34 Weston-Mott #4

Here your looking at an addition to the Weston-Mott family of plants. This is #4 built in 1909, then totally owned by Buick Motor Company in 1917 becoming Buick factory #34. This factory produced hub and axle parts, bushings and drain valves. This factory is directly north of the Imperial Wheel Company plant which by this time was owned by Buick. This view is facing north east. This photo was manipulated by the Buick photographic department before publication as evidenced by all the rail tracks being removed in the left foreground. I have found no rhyme or reason as to which photos they would do this to because some showed tracks and some did not. They would change things that make no sense other than maybe job security. You always had to seem busy whether you were or not and so went the dance at Buick. This factory was demolished in 1936 making way for building #84 used for past parts and then engineering.

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