Monday, January 21, 2008

Factory #62 Construction Detail

Here's a closeup of the Unified Assembly Plant #62 which is a combination of factories #10 (changed to #19 by this time) on the left then #07 on the right with the raised roof /window / vents comprising the area between the two factories thus creating the new factory #62. A lot of the older workers when I hired in (1972) always called this factory #6 but I'm not sure why "maybe respect" for the original factory which was still part of this assembly plant. The foreground of this photo shows the unique angled windows at the south end of the roofed over area. In the next post I will show a view from inside at these windows. This area was later roofed over all the way south connecting it to factory #01 and I will post a photo after that was done from inside.

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