Sunday, January 20, 2008

Factory #16 And Public Transportation

Three different trolley Tickets.

Here in this photo in front of factory #16 is an Electric street car on rails.

This map shows the electric streetcar route.

Here's a trolley Coach badge from that period.

Here is map showing the Trolleybus route in Flint. Below is shown a scale model of a Yellow Coach.

This is coach 832 so maybe this is the color of 831 shown in front of Buick. They had many color schemes though. The yellow coach's ended service in 1945. They were replaced by AFC (American Car & Foundry) consisting of 30 coaches and these lasted through March 26th 1956.

Flint had 46 Trolleybuses built by the Yellow Coach Company (later G.M.C. Truck & Coach) starting with a demonstration route in 1936 with the official opening on March 1rst,1937. The Yellow Trolleys were #801 thru #846.

Factory #16 is shown behind the Trolleybus #831.

This view across the intersection of Leith and Industrial you are looking at the enclosed ramp for bringing the tops down from the third floor for shipping to the assembly plants. You are facing north east. Farther down Leith you can see factory #11 and #20.

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