Thursday, January 24, 2008

Factory #62 WWII

This tank transmission cutaway is in the Sloan museum in Flint.

Four views of the M18 "Hellcat" tank being built at Buick during World War II in factory #62. The larger "Sherman" tank was built at Grand Blanc Michigan just south of Flint. Tank production also went on at the Fisher #1 plant. The Hellcat used a radial aircraft engine for it's power, The transmission was completely built at Buick Flint.


Anonymous said...

My name is Bob Johnston and my grandfather was the foreman in charge of the hellcat tank production.I have quite a bit of stuff like pictures of the workers.My dad gave Buick a pencil list of the workers and there assembly jobs. One of a kind type of thing.

Anonymous said...


My dad worked in the tank plant during WW-II. His name was Robert F. (Bob) Weiss.

Got any info on him?

Stephen A. (Steve) Weiss

not to be confused with my nephew Stephen M. Weiss