Saturday, January 26, 2008

Body Receiving 1960

I stood and looked at this view (facing east) myself many times. Even though I never worked body receiving, many of my friends did. The receiving of body's was a material department job. Before the creation of Buick City the workers in Material Control were designated as department (or group) #88.

This unique view during construction shows factory #04 (left) and #01 (right). Notice the worker at the top.

This view of the new body receiving structure is facing east. That is old factory #01 at the left with #84 engineering in the distance. The first three photos are from the Buick research Gallery and show the reflection from the Mylar protection.

Here's the new body receiving structure being built in 1960. The building it's attached to is factory #04, you are looking west. The windows you see through the unfinished structure are on factory #01 which will be removed in 1963. This was the entry point of all Buick body's from late 1960 until February 1985 and the creation of Buick City.

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